The Water Council Introduces Us to New Markets

In 2019, The Water Council introduced Clearwater Industries to the Spanish-based company, SigmaDAF Clarifiers.  This introduction quickly developed into a joint venture which allows us to bring SigmaDAF Clarifiers Dissolved Air Flotation technology to the United States. [...]

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Clearwater’s DAF Clarifier Pilot System

We are introducing our DAF Clarifier Pilot Skid System from our partner SigmaDAF. This system is ready to ship to your site for wastewater treatment and piloting feasibility tests. The DAF (dissolved air flotation) Pilot System [...]

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Record Sale-to-Install of Dry Polymer Make-Down System

Clearwater Industries set a new record for the sale-to-install of our dry polymer make-down system. On March 26th, 2021, a large midwestern ethanol producer contacted us interested in our M800SS Dry Polymer Make-Down System. A shortage of emulsion polymer [...]

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Save Money By Conserving Water With CW-DI21 Soil Conditioner

Save money and conserve water with Clearwater Industries CW-DI21 soil conditioner in conjunction with your drip irrigation system. What Are Soil Conditioners? Soil conditioners are products that improve soil's physical properties. Common soil conditioners are fertilizers, but they [...]

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CW2000RPC Pilot and Walkthrough

Clearwater is proud to announce the successful pilot test of our CW2000RPC portable water clarifier at a Wisconsin limestone quarry. After completing the manufacturing and assembly work on our units, we wet test every machine. Being a new design, the [...]

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Clearwater-Sigmadaf Joint Venture

  Clearwater Industries & Sigmadaf Clarifiers form joint venture Clearwater-Sigmadaf Milwaukee, WI, (Aug-2020) Clearwater Industries Inc. and Sigmadaf Clarifiers are excited to announce the creation of Clearwater-Sigmadaf. This collaboration brings together two family run companies with a combined 65+ years [...]

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New Containerized Clarifier

Clearwater Industries is proud to present our new containerized clarifier system. In this project, we are using our water treatment system to manage slurry generated from a 1300ft bridge deck restoration project. This application requires a continuous operation, with [...]

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