Manure liquid-solid separation allows farmers to reclaim clarified wastewater and keep their livestock healthy.  Clean water is essential to any farming operation for irrigation, livestock drinking, barn alley flushing, and day-to-day processes.


Save money and meet regulations by recycling clarified water from raw and liquid manure.  Clarified water can be reused as alley flush water and for land application.

Liquid manure streaming out of a dairy barn in winter.


Separating manure solids from liquid creates a thickened manure slurry that is easier to handle and dewater.  Clearwater’s Polymer Dosing Systems, plus DAF clarifiers and Thickeners, use automation and sensors to create a thick sludge discharge and continuous clarified water.

Recover sand and fine particles to reuse for bedding with Clearwater’s Fines Recovery Unit.  Plus, effective sand separation prevents plugging of waste conveyance systems and launders.


Thickened manure sludge is easier to handle and dewater. Clarified water overflow can be recovered quickly and reused for barn flushing, cleaning, and land application.

A large manure lagoon on a farm.


Clearwater Industries’ turnkey equipment integrates smoothly with existing machines and farm operations. An example is our M500, which has serviced a Wisconsin-based dairy since 2016.


Decanter centrifuges are an option for further dewatering and separating solids from liquids. Clearwater’s reps work closely with industry-leading centrifuge manufacturers and can help you install the best fit.

Clearwater Industries has provided solutions and equipment to dairy farms ranging from large to small. Call us today to see how we can help you recycle your wastewater water.