We see the delivery of our equipment as the beginning of our relationship with a customer.   With the purchase of any clarifier, or dry polymer system, we include onsite operator training for a minimum of one full day.  Our representatives don’t leave until the system is optimized and the local operators are properly trained.  We also provide free phone support and are happy to offer quotes to customers who request that a Clearwater representative be onsite after successful start up.


There are many variables that play a role in the development of a successful process water treatment system.  We provide education to our clients during meetings at their site, telephone conferencing, and via email.  We have a number of Powerpoint presentations that are available upon request.  Topics discussed include an overview of how polymers work and the evolution of water clarification technology.  We also create custom presentations for prospective clients, specifically for their site.  Presentations can also be created for the DEQ/EPA to address environmental impact concerns.


Once we have performed free jar testing of a site’s process water and been given an approximate flow rate from the customer, we can begin development of a water clarification system, including the logistics involved, and estimated hourly run costs.  These feasibilty studies are provided free of charge in order to equip prospective customers with the information they need to move forward with confidence towards a decision regarding their process water management.


Upon designing a system for a customer and understanding the landscape of a site we  work with our customers to determine the optimal location and dimensions of ponds for solids and clean water discharge.


We often begin our relationship with a customer by listening to a description of their site and any issues that might be occurring.  Once an appropriate amount of information has been gathered we analyze the site and provide recommendations based on our decades of experience in the field of water clarification.