Dredging projects pull material with high water content. In most cases, that material must be dewatered before you can dispose of or sell it. Clearwater has 25 years of experience building polymer systems, fines recovery units, and clarifiers to dewater dredged material. You can read about two of the many dredging projects Clearwater completed below.

We use extensive jar testing to isolate the best polymer flocculants and coagulants for your dredging application. Our polymer systems accurately activate, age, and dose the chemical solution for maximum efficiency. This allows your drying beds, geotextile tubes, clarifiers, and mechanical dewatering equipment to work at their fullest potential.

Clearwater’s stock clarifiers have completed many dredging jobs, and we’re happy to manufacture custom clarifiers for your application. Plus, our portable clarifiers are road-legal turnkey units that offer you mobility.