Reliable clean water is critical to meet the stringent specifications of Industrial Sand. Changes in deposit clay content, tonnage throughput, and operator education can all negatively impact water clarity if not properly managed.

Clearwater Industries offers a comprehensive water treatment package that eliminates these variables. Our dry polymer system is automated to maintain a specific solution strength, ensuring the amount of flocculant delivered to the clarifier or thickener is always consistent. Our Autofloc dosing system measures the reaction between the flocculant and the wash water to ensure the ideal amount of chemistry is being introduced. This system also comes available with an overflow probe, to catch upset conditions in overflow water clarity before they become an issue. Our thickeners and clarifiers are designed to maximize water clarity and sludge discharge. Our automated sludge removal system maintains consistent mud underflow properties, allowing for more consistent dewatering, or flowability to mud holding cells. There are many other water treatment issues that face Industrial Sand operations. Clearwater Industries has experience with high colloidal runoff in storm water in these applications. Our flocculants and coagulants are proven very effective in both water clarity as well as sludge dewatering applications.