Industrial Sand, also known as high purity silica sand, requires reliable and clean wash water to meet stringent specifications.  You can rely on our polymer systems, clarifiers, thickeners, and Autofloc monitoring system to return clean water to your wash plant.

Our Polymer Systems automate the activation, aging, and dosing to maintain a consistent polymer solution strength.  This ensures proper flocculation occurs in your ponds, clarifiers, thickeners, or other mechanical dewatering.

Clearwater’s Thickeners and Clarifiers maximize water clarity and sludge discharge.  The automated sludge removal system maintains consistent mud underflow, allowing for more consistent dewatering or flowability to mud holding cells.

Changes in clay deposits, tonnage throughput, and operator education can negatively impact water clarity for industrial sand operations.  Our Autofloc dosing system measures the reaction between the polymer and slurry to ensure proper dosing based on changing variables.

Industrial Sand operations can face many water treatment issues.  Clearwater Industries has experience with high colloidal runoff from stormwater in these applications.  Our jar testing isolates the top-performing flocculants and coagulants for maximum water clarity and sludge dewatering.

Industrial Sand Separation Solutions