Need to Remove Solids from Your Process Water?

Aggregate producers are burdened by sediment in their process water. Clearwater Industries wastewater treatment systems remove sediment and return clean water for reuse.

Settling Pond Problems

Settling ponds, also known as settling basins, decant ponds, or tailing ponds, are used for process water sedimentation. This process can be slow and requires a large site footprint. Mucking ponds and shutting down early to ‘let it settle’ kills production hours.

Sick of dealing with settling ponds?

Clearwater Industries dewatering equipment provides continuous clean water, thick sludge discharge, and minimal make-up water requirements. Our equipment and wastewater solutions help producers cut costs and meet regulatory issues by reducing and/or eliminating settling ponds.

Turnkey units connect with your sand and gravel wash plant process-water system. Discharge waste sludge to its final resting place and never double handle material again.

Want to save time and money spent on polymer dosing?

Clearwater has you covered with our Autofloc Dosing System.

The Autofloc Dosing System eliminates the guesswork of floc dosing. A stainless steel probe reads the polymer and slurry reaction and relays the data to a digital messenger. The messenger adjusts dosing accordingly to maximize flocculant efficiency and minimize consumption. This tool is the equivalent of a full-time operator managing the polymer dosing.

Autofloc Dosing System
A picture showing Clearwater's AutoFloc messenger mounted to a water clarifier that cleans water for a sand producer.

Polymer Make-Down Units

Pair the Autofloc Dosing System with a Clearwater Dry Polymer Make-Down Unit. Our polymer mixing units offer automatic and manual controls for a consistent flocculant solution strength. Reduce settling pond management by increasing sedimentation rates with flocculation.

Polymer Make-Down Units
A polymer mixing unit at an aggregate production site.