Got pond problems?! We’ve got solutions.

Maintaining clean water can be a costly and continuous battle. Mucking ponds and shutting down early to ‘let it settle’ leaves valuable production hours on the table. Clearwater Industries solutions provide continuous clean water, thick sludge discharge and minimal make-up water requirements. Liquid and dry polymers are used to increase water clarity, expedite settling velocities and thicken sludge.

Trying to get away from the burden of ponds? Our clarifiers remove settled solids while returning clean water back to process. Discharge waste sludge to its final resting place and never dip another pond or double handle material again!

Having troubles with polymer dosing?  Clearwater has you covered with our Autofloc Dosing System.

The Autofloc dosing system eliminates the guess work of floc dosing. This system includes a stainless steel submersible probe that constantly reads the polymer and slurry reaction and adjusts dosing accordingly in order to maximize flocculant efficiency and minimize consumption.  This tool is the equivalent of a full time operator managing the polymer dosing.


Pair this with our dry polymer make down systems, which automatically batch polymer while maintaining a consistent solution strength, and our equipment automatically accounts for any changes in flow rate and solids loading.

Dry Polymer Systems