Clearwater Industries serves the coal industry in many ways.

First and foremost is makeup water for steam generation.  Our low solids water clarifiers are specifically designed to treat surface waters with low turbidity and changing solids concentrations.  The Autofloc dosing system automatically adjusts polymer dosing in these water treatment systems, and our dry polymer systems ensure that the make-down concentration of this chemistry is always accurate.

Our equipment also provides front-end protection for sensitive downstream contaminant removal devices such as media bed filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis systems, and demineralization.

Additionally, our coagulants and flocculants have proven effective as anti-dust agents, helping to keep down the airborne solids that can be common in coal storage.

Decommissioned coal ash ponds are proving to be liabilities for operators.  Our low solids clarifiers are used to dewater and precipitate dissolved metals such as selenium and arsenic that are commonly found in these waters.

Dry Polymer Systems
Ballasted Flocculation Portable Clarifier