Do you have water in need of clarification?

An image of two 5-gallon buckets with american flags on them.

Gather (2) 5-gallon buckets of a representative sample and send it to Clearwater Industries.

Multiple test tubes with wastewater showing how the sediment reacts to polymer flocculants and settles to the bottom of the tubes.

Clearwater Industries promptly tests the sample and provides a privately published video of the results along with clarification recommendations.

Clearwater's M500SSBB polymer preparation system on other equipment on a flatbed truck before departing for delivery to the client.

If an agreed-upon solution is reached, selected equipment and chemistry can be shipped to your site within the week.

A clearwater employee is training two men how to use Clearwater's polymer batching system

Clearwater provides complete onsite commissioning once the equipment is placed, powered, and plumbed. This includes process and chemistry fine-tuning as well as customer training and education.

Clearwater employees proudly standing by their in stock wastewater equipment

Our equipment comes with a lifetime warranty with the exclusive use of Clearwater Industries’ clarifying chemistry. Plus mechanical and chemical support to ensure optimal operation and uptime.