Clearwater Industries has gone solar! In the final quarter of 2023, we replaced our roof and installed a 154kW solar array to support our environmental stewardship. Becoming energy-independent is one step of many in our commitment to the environment and future generations.

A row of solar panels on top of an industrial building roof with construction flags and more solar panel frames in the background.
The face of solar panels on a roof with shadows across the panels and an industrial building side and trees in the background.
Screenshot of a user portal showing blue boxes that represent solar panels.
The top of an industrial building roof in the winter with solar panels, HVAC units, and construction flags in view.

The solar array will provide an estimated 174,458 kWh of renewable energy annually, providing a renewable energy offset of 200%. Compared to our annual kWh usage, the solar array will keep 184,856 lbs of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.