Clearwater Industries Inc. was founded in 1996 by Robert Gralton. Bob started in the water clarification industry in 1998, working for a Wisconsin manufacturer of water clarifiers and concrete reclaimers. In 2003, Bob’s son John began working for the company. After spending 12 years building the business with his father, John assumed leadership of Clearwater after Bob’s passing in 2015.

For over 20 years, we have specialized in designing and building polymer preparation systems, water clarifiers, and fines recovery systems. As a result of our initial customers being in the aggregate industry, our equipment has always been designed to withstand harsh environments and operate automatically and reliably.

We continually improve our product line by incorporating new technologies developed by our design and engineering teams. We are proud to be an industry leader in the development of water clarification systems, including portable water clarifiers. Along with equipment manufacturing, Clearwater also warehouses and distributes polymer. We isolate the highest performing polymer for each customer by performing complimentary jar testing of a process water sample in our laboratory.

We work side by side with our customers to develop a system that is customized to the specific needs of their application. Some of our most common applications include sand and gravel, industrial sand, concrete washout, dredging, drilling, tunneling, high purity water, and environmental clean-up. With the experience gained in these markets, we are uniquely qualified to solve any water-based challenge.

Thank you.

Bob Gralton

Who We Are

Clearwater Industries Inc. is a highly specialized company that manufactures equipment and provides polymers to separate suspended solids from water streams.

Who We Help

Our equipment is designed to be used in Aggregate, Mining, Coal, Paper, Sand Mining, Municipal and Dredging Operations.

How We Help

Through the use of Flocculates, Polymer Make Down Systems, Clarifiers and Fines Recovery Units, we can recover sellable material and settle ultra-fine solids out of water streams rapidly and effectively.

The Purchase Advantage

Clearwater Industries offers customized turn-key systems that are designed to minimize set-up time and operator attention. All units are tested before they leave the factory, to provide trouble free installation. Clearwater Industries packages the total system from chemical to hardware ensuring your satisfaction.

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