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After fifteen years of service the dry polymer batching system for our sludge dewatering presses was badly corroded and repair parts were becoming increasingly tough to find. We didn’t need a whole new system as our batch tanks and mixers were still fine. The old machine simply needed a new heart and brain.

Clearwater Industries, unknown to us before bid time, came with some great recommendations from satisfied customers whose applications were similar to, if not more challenging than, our own. What’s more, Clearwater was ready, willing and importantly able to tailor their system to meet our requirements and within our timeframe.

The new wetting system and batching control electronics they provided in all corrosion resistant materials was a perfect match for our needs. The equipment skid arrived on schedule and was quickly moved into place for connection by our staff. Startup was a breeze and the system has been running flawlessly since. The system not only accurately and reliably meets today’s dosage requirements, but can be readily adjusted to meet those anticipated well into our future.

A Clearwater representative calls from time to time to follow up on the systems performance and make sure we are satisfied. That certainly has been the case. From design to post startup assistance, Clearwater Industries has provided us real value with custom built, rugged and easily maintained equipment.

Arthur P. Malm, PE
Principal Civil Engineer

Lake County, IL

We have been using the Clearwater Polymer Make Down System for two seasons now and we are very happy with what the system has done for us. It has allowed us to reduce the size of our settling ponds by at least half and cut the time it takes to dig the fines out of the pond by two thirds without expensive cyclones and dewatering screens. It has allowed us to reuse the water faster because the polymer knocks solids out of the water within the first few feet of hitting the first settling pond thus sending clean water back into our pond system for reuse.

Steve Connelly
Colville Valley Concrete
Coleville, WA

We asked Clearwater for help and advice for building our own water clarifier. Bob Gralton came out to our plant in Iowa and looked at some older equipment we had that we wanted to use as a clarifier. He told us how to modify it to make it work. He sold us a few parts and provided us with a Model 500 polymer system. They took a sample of our dirty wash water back to their lab and tested it and then they selected a polymer for us that worked very well. Clearwater gave us their knowledge, worked with what we had, and got our system working like a champ. After we dialed in the polymer system our polymer consumption went way down.

Reid Kuhlman
Kuhlman Construction
Colesburg, IA

Over the past eight years forced to clean out the settlement ponds. This process would take an average of 10 hours for every 30 hours run time. It took man hours to clean ponds and it prevented us from producing sand. Then we would spend more time moving the mud once it had dried. We were frustrated with the time and effort spent each week to handle the mud. We also needed more area to stockpile sellable materials. In the fall of 2008 we installed a Clearwater polymer system in conjunction with a clarifier tank. This has eliminated the need to clean ponds. Now we can run without interruption. We no longer have to clean the ponds, which has resulted in saving 80 to 100 man hours per week of labor. In addition to man hour savings we have gained in reducing usage and maintenance on three pieces of equipment one long reach track hoe and two haul trucks, reduction in fuel costs, maintenance of haul roads, hazards of dumping off high walls and we have gained several acres for stockpiles.

The Clearwater system easily paid for itself in less than a year. We were originally concerned about our chemical costs but found them to be a third of what we expected. The polymer system has been excellent for us. Whenever we've needed polymer or help, we call John Gralton at Clearwater and he gets us what we need. When we first started he drove here 3 times to help us. One time late in the evening I called him and he drove most of the night to be here the next morning. With that said I know I haven't called him in the last 7 months, but they have called me several times to see how it's working and all I can say is great. I thank Bob and John Gralton for their service and great system

Randy Fly
Sand Products
Cooksville, TN

We purchased a Clearwater Polymer System for our wash plant. The system drops the fines out in our pond very quickly. This has allowed us to reduce our water consumption and tie up less real estate with a much smaller pond. It is simple to run and is a great product.

Kevin Empenen
Preston Ready Mix
Preston, IA

In 2006 we purchased two Model 3500 Water Clarifiers from Clearwater Industries. These units were designed to meet J.F. Brennan's specific needs based upon the project application. Each clarifier was equipped with a trammel screen installed ahead of the geotextile tubes. The screens removed 1/8-inch plus debris, separating it for immediate disposal. Additionally, we made a conscious decision to retain coarser grain materials (sand) within the slurry, This led to some added customization and design changes to accommodate sand within the system - all details were covered extensively and meticulously by the Clearwater Team, working closely with Brennan project personnel. We would not have achieved our production goals on the Fox River Project without the use of this water clarification system. Clearwater Industries works hard to customize their solutions in a reliable manner and to implement those solutions during the startup period and throughout the project. Clearwater Industries can be counted on to insure competitive pricing for pieces of equipment that run effectively through project completion.

Matt Binsfeld
J.F. Brennan Co. Inc.
LaCrosse, WI