Fines Recovery

Equipment - Clearwater Portable Fines Recovery Plant (PFR)Portable Fines Recovery

The Clearwater Industries Portable Fines Recovery Plant is designed for aggregate producers anddredgingoperations who wish to recover solids from dirty water and require portability. This unit works particularly well in conjunction with the Clearwater Industries Model 2000 Portable Water Clarifier. Utilizing cyclone separators, the Clearwater Industries PFR spins out heavier solids such as sand and clay to be recovered and sold. The dewatering screen further separates out larger solids so that the only suspended fines going to the Clarifier are super fine silts and slimes. The Clearwater Industries PFR is a totally self-contained unit including a dewatering screen, a selection of cyclones, a centrifugal pump, and a control panel.

This unit is ideal for: