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Polymer Systems

Clearwater Industries designs and manufactures both emulsion and dry polymer make down systems. These are also known as flocculent make down systems.

Our make down systems screw the dry polymer beads slowing into a water funnel, wetting each bead individually. The polymer is then aged and gently mixed for approximately 45 minutes before being pumped out to treat the customers dirty water stream. It is important to get the proper wetting, mixing and aging to maximize the effectiveness of the polymer.

Our dry make down systems range from small economical volumetric screw feeders with wetting funnels to large bulk bag systems with 6,000 gallons capacity solution tanks. The most popular systems are the Model 500 and Model 800. These systems are ideal for customers treating flows from 2,000 to 10,000 gallons per minute. The Model 50 and 150 are ideal for customers who choose to supply their own mixing and aging tanks, while the Model 511, 512, and 522 are hybrid designs for customers desiring to mix more than one chemical at a time.

Clearwater also custom designs polymer systems for special, one of a kind applications, and can build to meet very specific design criteria.


Model 150 Polymer System


Custom Polymer SystemBig Bag Polymer System