Equipment - Clearwater High Compaction Clarifier

CW4000 High Compaction ClarifierThe Clearwater Industries High Compaction Clarifier is designed for aggregate producers who wish to eliminate settling ponds altogether. It is a totally
self-contained unit, including two cylindrical aging tanks with internal mud rakes, a dry polymer feed system, hydraulic package, control panel and mud discharge pump. This unit will allow the customer to take a dirty water stream and produce clean water immediately, concentrating the fines or solids to a thick state. The Clearwater Industries High Compaction Clarifiers utilizes tall tanks to get
greater compression of mud for a drier consistency. Clarifiers are available in 1100, 2200, 3300, and
4400 gallon per minute capacities by adding additional tanks.



Utilities:40' Container Model 800


Optional Features:






40' High Cube Container with a Model 800 SS shown above.