Who We Are

Clearwater Industries Inc. is a highly specialized company that manufactures equipment and provides polymers to separate suspended solids from water streams.


Who We Help

Our equipment is designed to be used in Aggregate, Mining, Coal, Paper, Sand Mining, Municipal and Dredging Operations.


How We Help

Through the use of Flocculates, Polymer Make Down Systems, Clarifiers and Fines Recovery Units, we can recover sellable material and settle ultra-fine solids out of water streams rapidly and effectively.


The Purchase Advantage

Clearwater Industries offers customized turn-key systems that are designed to minimize set-up time and operator attention. All units are tested before they leave the factory, to provide trouble free installation. Clearwater Industries packages the total system from chemical to hardware ensuring your satisfaction.



About Clearwater

Clearwater Industries, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Robert Gralton of Mequon, Wisconsin. Bob started in the water clarification industry in 1988, working for a Wisconsin manufacturer of water clarifiers and concrete reclaimers. Since the creation of Clearwater Industries, the company has specialized in designing and building polymer preparation systems, water clarifiers, and fines recovery systems. Our initial customers were aggregate producers (Sand & Gravel, Quarries), as such, our equipment was designed to withstand harsh environments and to operate automatically and reliably.

We have continually strived to improve our existing product line by incorporating new technologies from our design team and from our vendors. We've built strong relationships with polymer suppliers and run our own polymer testing lab to find the most effective polymer for each customer. Our customers can then be confident that a Clearwater system with Clearwater supplied polymer will perform optimally. There can be no "finger pointing" when doing business with one supplier, Clearwater.

Clearwater today remains a small company occupying 12,000 of a 20,000 square foot building that they purchased in 2003. Because we are small, we can react quickly to our customers' needs. We use the latest AutoCAD and 3-D software in our design department, but have no committees to go through. Many of the machines built by Clearwater are custom designed and one of a kind to meet client's particular needs.

Unlike other companies, Clearwater is not merely a supplier of equipment that has a list of products that you can choose from. Clearwater supplies solutions to aggregate producers, coal, paper, dredging, municipal sewage, and any other company in need of water clarification. Our organization is set up to be a business resource. We know that in this ultra-competitive environment we know we must provide the best overall value to our customers by designing and building systems around our customer's requirements. We understand that our customers expect and are entitled to so much more.

If you are a customer of Clearwater Industries, we thank you for the trust you have bestowed on us. If you are not yet a customer of ours, we invite you to contact us and give us a chance to quickly prove how Clearwater can become one of your most valuable business resources.

Thank you.

Bob Gralton


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