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Model CW3000 Rectangular Stationary Clarifier

The CW3000 RSC Clarifier system is a complete turn-key water clarification package.
The system consists of one rectangular clarifying tank with a 24” screw conveyor,
pneumatic knife gate valve and slurry mud pump for automated solids removal.
Optional items include a dry polymer make down system, a containerized control room
and an automated, light-absorbing polymer dosing controller.

Optimal For:
▪ Contained, controlled separation of solids from liquid
▪ Pumping solids to a specific location for drying or further treatment
▪ Eliminating settling ponds
▪ Reducing the amount of material going to geo-textile tubes or other dewatering devices
▪ Gaining control over the separation process

Equipment Functions:
▪ Recovers up to 90% of your water
▪ Concentrates solids up to 45% solids by weight
▪ Moves solids up to 2000 horizontal feet to a drying location

▪ 2,000 gallon per minute capacity, at 20% solids by volume
▪ Fully automatic operation
▪ Catwalk handrails, toe kick for the top deck of the clarifier,
18 flight stair case with handrail provides access to top of clarifier
▪ Polymer dosing control system
▪ Optional effluent turbidity monitoring


Polymer Preparation System










Modular polymer preparation system designed to prepare up to 15 lbs/minute of active polymer in a dry form. The system is installed in three (3) sea containers and is designed to make down polymer at a 0.5% solution into five mixing/aging tanks. The system contains four (4) feed pumps with variable frequency drives. Two pumps are designed for pumping 0.5% polymer solution up to 1000 gpm at pressure up to 120 psi and two pumps are designed for pumping a 0.5% polymer solution at a variable range up to 200 gpm at pressure up to 120 psi.

Major Components:
Three 40’x10’x10’ sea containers.
Two containers are stacked: the top container houses an electric chain hoist and storage space for supersacks; the bottom container houses the mixing/aging tanks & mixers.
The single container houses the primary and secondary polymer feed pumps. All containers include an air conditioner and unit heater.
Polymer screw feeder. Polymer make up water pump (P33). Grundfos CR64‐1‐1, 10HP, 230/460V, 3PH. Polymer water booster pump (P36). Gould’s 3656 pump 16BF1L5HO, 10HP, 230/460V, 3PH.
Two primary polymer feed pumps with VFD (P49, P50). Netzsch Nemo 105BY01L07V‐000 with 40HP, 230/460V, 3PH Nord motors. Two secondary polymer feed pumps with VFD (P29, P30).
Netzsch Nemo 063BY01L07V‐000 with 10HP, 230/460V, 3PH Nord motors.

Spare Parts:
 Primary and secondary polymer feed pump motors.
 Primary and secondary polymer feed pump rotor, stator and seals.
 Secondary polymer feed pump end.
 Polymer screw feeder.Polymer screw feed motor.
 Polymer screw feed gearbox.
 Polymer screw feed coupler.
 Polymer screw feed VFD.
 Polymer make up water pump.
 Polymer water booster pump.