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Equipment - Model 522 Polymer Make Down and Injection System

The Clearwater Model 522 is a fully automated flocculent make down and injection system designed for rapidly settling all suspended solids out of wastewater.

• Fully automatic, continuous batching operation
• Able to be “up and running” one hour after unloading
• Rugged industrial design extremely reliable
• Very little operator attention required
• Can make down either dry or emulsion polymers
• Single tank design with internal baffles and weir ensure proper mixing and aging of polymer
• Integrated low water pressure protection
• Service friendly design includes: quick disconnect couplings, elevated frame, removable pump skid, anti-seized stainless steel fasteners, and quick disconnect hoses

Optional Features
▪ Low Polymer Sensor
▪ Hopper Vibrator
▪ Allen Bradley PLC & HMI
▪ Remote Polymer Pump Speed Pot
▪ Auto Floc Probe and Messenger
▪ 200 lb. Hopper
▪ Big Bag Pan
▪ 0-25 GPM Discharge Pump


▪ Single point electrical hook up, 460 volt, 3 phase.
▪ 1½” single point clean water hook-up (30 - 60 psi).
▪ ¾ polymer line out.